Herbal medicine contains pharmacologically active constituents (phytoconstituents) that produce pharmacological effects to the body and
has been used traditionally for centuries. However, the acceptance and use of herbal medicine globally depends on the quality, safety and efficacy.
At present, the majority of herbal medicinal products lack safety and efficacy due to insufficient pharmacokinetic, pharmacological and clinical data.


- To give exposure on standardization and quality of the active constituents of herbal plants
- To provide an insight into pre-clinical studies as pharmacological and toxicological effects
- To provide exposure to clinical studies such as the determination of the dose
- To provide a detailed description of the methods and methodology required in pre-clinical and clinical studies
- To provide hands-on training to the participants

Course Information

Date : 22nd November 2016
Time : 8.00a.m - 5.00p.m
Venue : Dewan Delima, Institute for Health Management
Maximum : 100 participants
Contact : Dr Siti Hajar Rosli - / 03 4041 1662

Pre-Clinical Clinical Study

Pre-Clinical Clinical Study