Scientific Paper Review

No. Title Reviewer
1. Multi-Center study on Factor Associated with Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants in Neonatal Units Four Countries in Asia. En. Abu Bakar Rahman,
En. Kamarul Zaman Salleh
2. Determinants of Body Weight Status in Malaysia: An Ethnic Comparison En.Nasir Abdullah,
Pn. Hasmuny Osmat,
En. Abu Bakar Rahman
3. Relationship Between Awareness, Knowledge, Attitudes (AKA) Towards Epilepsy: an Investigation in Relation to Health – Related quality of Life (Hrqol) Within A Malaysian Setting. Pn. Suraiya Syed Mohamed
4. Mechanism Between Awareness, Knowledge, Attitudes and Coping Mechanisms: The case of Epilepsy En. Azman Ahmad,
En. Hasnor Hadi Mohd. Asim
5. Knowledge, Practice and Beliefs of Malaysian Women in Seremban Towards Breast Cancer En. Mohamad Zabri Johari
6. Exploring the Knowledge of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma among Medical Doctors at Primary Health care Level in Perak State, Malaysia Pn. Norazilah Mohd Roslan
7. Pilot Study on Barriers Influencing the Compliance Towards Exercise Recommendation in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Pn. Siti Sa’adiah Hassan Nudin,
Dr. Wee Lei Hum,
Pn. Zainon Ibrahim,
Pn. Hjh Zawaha Hj Idris
8. Assessment of Knowledge about Anticoagulation treatment among Patients Who Are On Oral Anticoagulation in Penang Hospital En Albeny Joslyn Panting,
Cik Hasimah Ismail,
Pn. Normawati Ahmad,
Cik Norrafizah Jaafar
9. Perceptions of Receiving Bad News among Bone Cancer Patients in Sarawak General Hospital – A Descriptive Study Pn. Siti Sa’adiah Hassan Nudin,
Dr. Wee Lei Hum,
Pn. Pises Busu,
En. Mohammad Zabri Johari,
Pn Komathi a/p Perialathan
10. MSelf – Management of Chronic Pain in Malaysian Patients: Effectiveness trial with 1 Year Follow Up. Dr. Wee Lei Hum,
Dr. Ahmad Sharul Nizam Isha,
Pn. Normawati Ahmad,
En. Azman Ahmad,
Pn. Norazilah Mohd Roslan
11. Schizophrenia Relapse in Malaysia: Do Relatives Expressed Emotion and Personality Traits Matter Dr. Wee Lei Hum,
Dr. Sulaiman Che Rus,
Pn. Edawaty Ujang,
Pn. Zainon Ibrahim