Archive Research (IPTK)

The Institute for Health Behavioral Research (IHBR) has established beneficial research collaboration, both within and without the Ministry of Health Malaysia. In the effort to enhance the knowledge and capability for research, the establishment of a meaningful smart partnership would enables more credible and quality research to be carried out.

IHBR also continues to supervise research projects by trainees of Post Graduate Program in Health Education. A total of eight trainee Information Officers (Health Education) had successfully completed their research studies. The list of research studies conducted by the trainee Information Officers (Health Education) is as follows:

No. Project Title Principle
Researchers Collaboration
1 Development of New Therapies and Innovative Strategies for the Management of Ischaemic Heart Diseases (IHD) : IHBR, Cyberjaya University, USM and Disease Control Division, MOH
1. Investigate the Role of Palm Based Vitamin E in Managing Contributory Risk Factors For Ischaemic Heart Disease Prof. Dr. Abdul Rashid Abd. Rahman, Cyberjaya University Dr. Aida Hanum Ghulum Rasool, Dr. Zainal Ariffin Omar IHBR, HECC & Putrajaya Health Office
2. To Evaluate The Effectiveness of Health Portal Based Intervention in Disseminating Health Information on IHD to Public Varuges V.M Abraham, HECC Hj. Abd. Jabar Ahmad, Hj. Abd. Manan Mat Dahan, Azman Mohammed, Dr. Mohd. Ismail Abd. Samad, Dr. Nora'in Mohd. Said, Zaikiah Mohd Zin, Yuzana Yusop, Norazilah Mohd Roslan IHBR, Disease Control Division & Family Health Development Division, MOH
3. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Health Risk Behaviour Among PLKN Trainees. Thavaraj Subramaniam Hjh. Zawaha Hj Idris, Dr. Nik Rubiah Nik Abd. Rashid, Dr. Noridah Mohd. Salleh, Dr. Noor Azah Daud, Dr. Sulaiman Che Rus, Hasimah Ismail, Abu Bakar Rahman, Edawaty Ujang
2. Determinants of Wellness and Illness Among Older Malaysians : A Health Promotion Perspective Siti Sa'adiah Hassan Nudin IPTK Y.M Prof Madya Dr. Tg. Aizan Hamid, Prof. Dr. Zaiton Yassin, Dr. Zaiton Ahmad, Dr. Mohamad Saleh, Mohd. Yusof Mahmud, Hj. Abd. Manan Mat Dahan, Thavaraj Subramaniam, Hjh. Zawaha Hj Idris, Hasimah Ismail, Zaikiah Mohd. Zin, Abu Bakar Rahman IHBR, Family Health Development Division, HECC, Health Promotion Board, MOH, Institute of Gerontology, UPM.
3. Development of an Effective Intervention Package to Improve Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice in Negeri Sembilan Siti Sa'adiah Hassan Nudin, IHBR Fatimah Salim, Haniza Anuar, Siti Haslinda Mohd. Din, Hjh. Zawaha Hj. Idris, Zaikiah Mohd. Zin, Edawaty Ujang IHBR, IPH, IHSR and Negeri Sembilan Health Department
4. Foreign Domestic Workers in Malaysia : Exploring The Intersection of Gender, Migration and Health Dr. Denise Spitzer, Ottawa University Sara Torres, Dr. Shanti Thambiah, Dr. Wong Yut-Lin, Cynthia Gabriel, Valentina, Dr. Chee Heng Leng, Thavaraj Subramaniam, Hjh. Siti Sa'adiah Hassan Nudin, Hjh. Zawaha Hj Idris, Zaikiah Mohd. Zin, Hasimah Ismail, Abu Bakar Rahman, Edawaty Ujang Ottawa University, IHBR, UM, CARAM Asia, National University of Singapore
5. Social, Economic And Emotional Impacts and Level of Stigma of Both Treated and Untreated Childhood Psychiatric Disorders on Patient and Their Family Dr. Toh Chin Lee, HKL Hjh. Siti Sa'adiah Hassan Nudin, Dr. Teoh Hsieh-Jin IHBR, HKL & Sunway College